Caramel Sunflowers Art Cake



焦糖向日葵 (可訂1-3)


Caramel Sunflowers  (Order 1lb-3lb)

Features a blissful mix of caramel and cream, as well as a caramelized gourmet cookie crust , inspired by one of Van Gogh’s most celebrated series of masterpieces (painted in 1888 and 1889).

*Please order 5 days in advance

Amuseum 為英文生字 Amusement(娛樂)與 Museum(博物館)的結合。SENSES Amuseum 以五感體驗締造一個「好玩」多元化的藝術體驗館,用創意的方式將藝術呈現給大眾。