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Corporate Gifts

Collaborate with Van Gogh SENSES to design tailor-made branded gifts or experiences for your clients, stakeholders, or loved ones. Van Gogh art-inspired sensory experiences that tell your story, with your vision. Suited for all occasions or seasons. There are plenty of ways to tell a story. An ongoing saga of experiences, or a short and sweet poem that leaves the recipient longing for more. Our team of specialists will guide you through our creations and options.

Contact us: info@vangoghsenses.com

Art Marketing

Every artist has their special art style and unique market positioning. By our professional analysis, we can recommend suitable artwork that will deliver best commercial value. With art being the brand promoting velocity, we can reach the maximum power for branding and marketing.

Contact us: info@vangoghsenses.com

Image Licensing

Imaging Van Gogh’s painting or the color of impressionism can be the inspiration of crayon colors , and being designed as character of your brand! By using well-known and highly identifiable images, brands and products can attract more customers of various demands.

Contact us: info@vangoghsenses.com